The content of the requested document is presented (link below) without modification as an example of the “scientific evidence” used to support claims that drinking alkaline water is beneficial to health. 

Specific alleged evidence and claims of Alkaline Water are discussed on my website here
General alkaline water claims are discussed on my website here

If you have been approached by someone trying to sell you an alkaline water electrolysis machine, be skeptical.

If you do your own research and contact real experts – physiologists and chemists instead of someone trying to sell you a product – you will discover that there is no reliable theoretical evidence that alkaline water can have the claimed health benefits.  Nor is there any experimental evidence that alkaline water can have more than a transitory and insignificant effect on the pH of your digestive system, your blood, your lymphatic system or your cells. 

You will also discover that the main tactic used to validate claims that alkaline water has sufficient health benefits to justify spending $1,000 or more on an alkaline water machine is testimonials.  Unfortunately, testimonials (personal anecdotes or stories) are notoriously unreliable evidence, regardless of how sincere or passionate they might seem.  There are too many other reasons that can explain the perceived health benefits to trust them:

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