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Lead Questions:

If you are are just browsing water issues, and are not in the high risk category for lead poisoning (pregnant or have a young child), but  you  know someone who is pregnant or has young children, please have them read these examples of how families were caught unaware of the potential risks of lead in their drinking water. 

Question 1: We have recently found out that we have a lead pipe coming into our house from the main line in the street.  We live in B___, Ohio.  It comes into our house through the basement wall only about 2-4 inches and is behind the water softener so it is not very visible.  We just had our water tested for the first time and it back at a whopping 147!!!!  We are currently waiting on blood tests to come back on my 2 1/2 year old son.  He does have speech delay, anti-social behavior and attends a special school for these and other learning and behavior problems. 

I have many questions regarding this whole situation. 
1.  Why doesn't the city have to notify the homeowners that they have this lead pipe going into their houses?  I realize that past the main line is my responsibility but they are more aware of this than I am since I do not work with the equipment that is underneath my yard.  They just put a new water meter at my house two months ago because mine broke.  The lead pipe is connected to the meter.  If they didn't know it before, they should at least know it now. 

2.  Why is lead pipe still allowed to be used?  I know that you can no longer install it but what about what is already there?  Why aren't there laws in place to these pipes replaced? 

3.  When we bought the house 4 years ago, there was a disclaimer from the previous owner's verifying that there was no lead based paint in the house.  Why aren't those same statements required about lead pipe? 

How do you think I feel as a mother knowing that I drank this water while I was pregnant for my son, and then mixed his formula with this water, and now hand it to him every day in a glass, sometimes 4-5 times a day, and that I basically gave him his current speech and learning condition??  Why aren't there laws in place to prevent these types of things from happening?  If you could direct me in the right direction for some of these answers, I would be MOST grateful!!!  Also, thank you for letting a VERY upset and discouraged mother vent!!

Question 2: I have just discovered that the pipes in my bathroom are made from lead. I am 5 months pregnant and have used this water to drink in the evenings (1 or 2 glasses a day). What potential damage could have been done to the unborn baby?   I have filled in the {background} survey.
Many thanks in advance.