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Drinking water concerns
Drinking water concerns Introduction
Drinking water concerns Concerns about water safety
Drinking water concerns Children and contaminated water
Drinking water concerns Pregnancy and drinking water contaminants

Drinking water contaminants
Drinking water concerns Introduction
Drinking water concerns Materials dissolved in water
- Inorganic
- Organic
Drinking water concerns Materials suspended in water
- Pathogens
- Asbestos
Drinking water concerns Interview excerpt

Risk factors for contaminants
Drinking water concerns Drinking water sources
Drinking water concerns Municipal providers
Drinking water concerns Private wells
Drinking water concerns Location of home
Drinking water concerns Chlorination and DBPs
Drinking water concerns High risk populations: pregnancy
Drinking water concerns Home age & lead
Drinking water concerns Use Sensory clues to identify contaminants

Drinking water concerns Importance of product certification
Drinking water concerns Things to consider
Drinking water concerns Methods:
Point of Entry (POE)
Point Of Use (POU)
- Boiling
- Distillation
- Reverse Osmosis (RO)
- Filtration
  * Sediment
   * Activated carbon
   * GAC
   * Solid block
   * Pore size
- Bottled water
- Ultraviolet (UV)
- Water softeners
- Ion exchange
- Whole House
'Altered' water
Drinking water concerns Comparison of drinking water treatment methods - chart
Drinking water concerns Comparison of long-term costs for water treatment
Drinking water concerns Emergency water treatment

Other water topics
Drinking water concerns Drinking Water Scams
  Alkaline Water
  Other Types
Drinking water concerns Masaru Emoto & Water Crystals
Drinking water concerns Distilled Water & Health
Drinking water concerns Water-Related Quotes
Drinking water concerns Bottled Water
Drinking water concerns Four Steps to determine the best water treatment method for you

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If you have not yet visited the Risk Factors For Drinking Water Contaminants or Treatment Methods pages yet, you might want to take a look at them first, before sending me your question.  They contain information that should help you develop a more focused query. 

If you have a question about your water or comment/suggestions about the site please email me:

Filter Recommendation: (the link takes you to a different site)
A high-end, Solid Block, Activated Carbon (SBAC), water filtration system provides the best value for most people's water purification needs (particularly those on municipal water).  High quality SBAC filters provide far better and longer lasting protection from contaminants than cheap granular activated carbon (GAC) filters (including pitcher filters). They are also generally much less expensive to own than continually purchasing bottled water. Most people, unless their water is really "ugly" and contains salts or the heavy metals not removed by SBAC, do not need the additional expense of a reverse osmosis or distillation unit.

My family and I have been using our Multipure SBAC under-counter filter since about 1996, and we are extremely satisfied with the quality of water we enjoy and the ease of maintenance.  As friends and family enjoyed our water quality and became interested in our filtration system, I decided to become a distributor.  

Soon after purchasing our filtration system I decided to make the information collected during my research (and much more gathered since) available to those of you searching the web for answers to your own drinking water questions.   

The quality and quantity of information currently on the Internet about drinking water quality, safety and treatment methods is much greater today than when I was searching for facts in 1996.  Unfortunately, the amount of hype, fiction and fraudulent information that's available has increased even more.  My goal is to provide only accurate information that is as unbiased as possible, without the marketing hype and false promises that clutter cyberspace. 

The bottom line:
  Shop wisely for a water treatment product that will be the best value for your specific needs.
 Do not believe (or rely exclusively on) any marketing propaganda from any source without carefully checking and validating all performance claims yourself.  If product claims seem to be too good to be true, it is almost certain they are false.  Valid water treatment methods and products will only reduce specified contaminants - no product is capable of making water that's better absorbed, more energetic, healthier or able to cure disease any better than ordinary water from an effective standard treatment method. 

It is your health and the health of your family that's at stake by making a good, informed choice on a water treatment product.
If you have carefully evaluated your water treatment needs, understand the available options, and would like details about the Multipure SBAC filtration system my family and I use, I provide comprehensive information and ordering details here 

I also offer custom, 25 oz. stainless steel Fill Your Own At Home refillable water bottles for qualified purchases.
If you are not yet sure what drinking water treatment method to use and would like to review a four-step guide on how to select the best water treatment solution for your specific needs, you can find it here.

Any person who requires water of a specific microbiological purity should follow the advice of their doctor or local health officials regarding the use and consumption of tap water treated by ANY purification system.


I hope you have gained a better understanding of your drinking water - which contaminants might be present, where they might come from, their possible health effects, and the most effective and economical treatment method for reducing the contaminants you are concerned about. 

Thank you for stopping by.

To your health ~

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